heal-small group breathwork



Join us for a small and intimate Breathwork group at my downtown studio. 

We will leave the intention for this one wide open. Are you clinging on to something you need to release? Do you keep picking up an old story from your past when you need to put it down forever? Come willing to use the breath to unstick what is stuck, to shed your old conditioning, stories and emotions. Come willing to experiencing true healing.

Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and an eye pillow (recommended). Breathwork is done while lying on your back. Please bring anything you may need to be comfortable and email me if extended back time is an issue for you.

Spots are extremely limited.

Open to all*


527 E. Liberty St, Ste 201, Ann Arbor, MI 48104**


*Over 13, please

**My studio is on the second floor and has no elevator access. If you would like to attend a small group but are unable to navigate stairs, please email me.


coming soon: breathwork/yin yoga/soundbath


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