"Christine has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable as she guides you towards unknown places within you. Everything from her passion and enthusiasm for breathwork to her kind and calming vocal direction enabled me to experience an openness I had never achieved through any other spiritual or meditative practice. Frankly, I was surprised by how powerful the experiences have been. For me, they are also a bit uncomfortable, but I always look forward to the next time because their value is undeniable."

- Trea, Ypsilanti, Michigan


“My online experience of breath work with Christine was incredible. Even though we were miles away, her cues and processing made me feel like we were in the same room. As a person with a history of trauma, I found her to be present and supportive throughout our session. She met me exactly where I was at and the experience truly changed me. Christine is the real deal and I’m so grateful I was led to her on my healing journey.”

- Air, Denver, Colorado


"My experience with breathwork has been incredibly freeing and functional-- it has impacted how I engage with 15+ years of meditation practice, and more importantly, has impacted how I continue to connect with both myself and others. I’ve discovered deep value in learning the technique. Honestly, I was uncertain about what to expect in the group sessions, and found Christine’s confidence in the work, in herself, and in the group’s potential to connect to be a really powerful foundation for healing and growth. She guides the practice with empathy and focus, while honoring the space all of us need for clarifying our own intentions and needs."

-Jo, Ann Arbor, Michigan


My first experience with breath work was at one of Christine's groups, which I attended with curiosity and skepticism. I left that first session with a new sense of myself, feeling completely empowered, refreshed, and eager for more. Christine's unique, down-to-earth method keeps the space grounded and safe. She gently but powerfully encourages her client's own spritiual journey - and that's where the magic happens. Every session I've had with Christine has been intense and perfect, and I strongly recommend her work.

- Michele, Ann Arbor, Michigan


“Christine has an incredible spiritual presence and her breath work practice opens up the energy to all lucky enough to be in her midst. She knows how to ground a room while helping people get into spaces that are vulnerable and raw. Highly recommend her work”

- Lisa, Ann Arbor, Michigan


"I attended a breathwork and guided meditation by Christine and was amazed by the experience. The atmosphere she creates feels welcoming and healing. I was amazed by her guidance through the breathwork how she could anticipate the feelings my body would experience which allowed me the comfort to continue. Her meditation was thoughtful and intentional and gave me time for my own personal reflection and emotion"

- Kaleigh, Livonia, Michigan