What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a powerful process that can be described as an active form of breath-focused meditation.  The practice of Breathwork facilitates the release of "stuck" emotions. It is an energetic practice that can help you clear out what is no longer serving you; to create space inside of you to fill with more peace, joy, and authentic expressions of self.  Breathwork uses the breath to encourage healing, growth and transformation of body, mind, and spirit.



What type of breathing is used during breathwork meditation?

The breath used during your  session is a type of Pranayama breathing sometimes referred to as a "two-stage breath".  All breathing is done through the mouth while laying down.  The first part of  the breath is a deep inhalation into your low abdomen. The second part of the breath is a deep inhalation into the upper chest, or heart. The breathing cycle concludes by exhaling through your mouth.  It sounds simple because it is.


Why does breathing a specific way matter?

Breathing this way allows your conscious mind to relax so the subconscious can be accessed.  As the oxygen reaches the brain, it stimulates the hypothalamus gland (crown chakra) causing it to release endorphins, which in turn activate the other ductless glands in the body. As your endorphins flow, your emotions tend to open and move more freely.


Can't I just do this at home?

Certainly, and I hope you will.  However, many people often find maintaining a solo spiritual practice challenging.  Being a part of a group or working with a practitioner can often be the catalyst between wanting to have a spiritual practice and actually doing the work. Additonally, the energy created in a group can sometimes cause your experience to be more powerful than when you practice alone.  Finally, my job as your healing guide is to focus awareness to where you are stuck, so you can do the work of healing yourself without having to try to protect yourself from yourself during the process.